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XYSP Series


Horizontal Pipe Shredders are designed for the efficient size reduction of various types of pipes & paper cores. Normally these materials are big in diameter, thick in the wall, and long which cannot be well handled by normal vertical-feeding pipe shredders. This machine consists of a shredding head and a hydraulic-driven feeding trough which opens/close automatically under auto operation mode or just by simple operation on buttons under manual operation mode. After putting the pipes/cores into the loading chamber, the long stroked hydraulic cylinder will horizontally push the pipes towards the spinning cutting rotor for shredding.

The main feature of this horizontal pipe shredder is for the efficient shredding of large-sized pipes or bundles of smaller pipes made from HDPE, PP, PVC, etc. Besides shredding plastic pipes, this machine can also reduce rubber tubes and pipes, as well as paper cores and tubes.


  • Handle gigantic pipes efficiently with ~2t/h.

  • Max 6500 mm length of the chamber.

  • Customizable, make your own shredder.


  • Plastic Pipes: PE/PVC/PP/ABS/HDPE pipe

  • Rubber tubes & pipes

  • Paper cores/tubes

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