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Transmission Systems of Shredder

With the industry developing, the market has clearer requirements for field segmentation, including not only technology and intelligence, but also a series of factors such as energy conservation, environmental protection, energy conservation, and low consumption.

At present, this kind of double-shaft shredder equipment is favored by the majority of customers. Now I will talk about the transmission system of this machine.

The specific transmission system of the shredder, choose the equipment that suits you.

The new shredder industry is an industry integrating science, technology, and environmental friend.

The shredder drivetrain comes in three forms:

  1. Driven by a V-belt as a deceleration transmission system: The advantages of this transmission system are that the transmission parts are easy to manufacture, cheap, easy to maintain, and less expensive to maintain. But the disadvantage is that it occupies a large room and has low transmission efficiency.

  2. The gear reducer is used as the transmission system for deceleration: the advantages of this transmission system are reliability and size compact. But the disadvantage is that the reducer is relatively expensive, the maintenance cost is large, the consumption of metal is large, and the production is troublesome.

  3. Using low-speed motor as the transmission system for deceleration: The advantage of this transmission system is that the entire transmission system is very compact, with high transmission efficiency and less metal consumption. The electric motor is a synchronous motor, so it also improves the power factor of the power line. But motors are expensive, bulky, and complicated to maintain.

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