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Revolutionize Your Vehicle Bumper Recycling with XINYE's Plastic Shredder

Are you interested in vehicle bumper recycling? Recycling vehicle bumpers is an effective solution to reduce the amount of waste generated from end-of-life vehicles. The bumper is made of plastic cover over a metal reinforcement bar, which can be recycled into raw plastic resin to produce new plastic products. However, to make the recycling process easier, a plastic shredder is a must-have machine.

waste car bumper

Bumpers consist of a large proportion of the plastic material used in automobiles. Traditionally, scrap bumpers were incinerated to recover heat energy. With the improvement in technology and environmental protection consciousness, end-of-life vehicle bumpers are now collected and recycled into raw plastic resin. This material can be used to produce new plastic products such as green mesh, geogrid, building materials, waterproof materials, and even new vehicle bumpers.

To recycle vehicle bumpers, unwanted materials such as metal attachments are removed first, and then the plastic material is shredded into small pieces. After the coating is removed, the crushed small pieces will be further washed and dried. Finally, after sorting, the cleaned pieces will be melted and produced into granules which serve as a raw material for making new plastic products.

recycled plastic

XINYE MACHINERY TOOL offers various plastic shredding solutions to meet your specific needs. Our plastic shredder is designed to make the whole recycling process much easier and efficient. With our equipment, you can reduce the size of the vehicle bumper easily and quickly. Contact us today to tailor an optimal vehicle bumper size reduction solution for your project and join the green recycling revolution!

Single shaft plastic shredder

Double shaft plastic shredder

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