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Is the higher the power of the shredder motor, the better it is?

For the requirements of industry and agriculture in the current shredder industry, the type, model and product quality have become topics of concern to many customers, and the emergence of new products has formed the current high-tech competitive market. Customers have a lot of purchasing space when purchasing equipment. The more comparisons are purchased, the different problems will appear accordingly. Different dual-shaft shredder equipment is equipped with motors of different powers in the production process. Cost budgets are often increased because customers do not know the required motor power before production.

Many users buy small shredders. Among them, the GDS6 type machine is popular. This kind of machine is in short supply like the oil squeezer. Friends who come to the manufacturer to order need to wait in line for the machine. The spot we make is basically in advance. Scheduled. The reason for this situation is that the investment of the GDS6 shredder is small, and the power consumption of this machine is not large, so the corresponding venue should be better. , biaxial

For the problem of configuring motors for different models of dual-shaft shredders, such as GDS8 dual-shaft shredders, the equipment uses 5.5KW motors and 11KW motors, which are single-motor gear-driven dual-shaft shredders, with strong power and can By changing different knives to shred different materials, the GDS8 dual-shaft shredder equipment we use is a dual-shaft shredder with two 7.5KW motors. We will provide customers with different solutions according to different situations of customers and can customize our dual-shaft shredder equipment for you, so please look for the equipment of GEP environmental protection manufacturers when purchasing shredders. The company has advanced substantial strength to provide customers with authoritative and scientific services such as overall plant design, equipment installation, commissioning, and technical training.

In addition, when the customer configures the motor, for some materials with crushing strength when the material is too much, it will automatically turn over, adjust the position of the material by turning over, and then continue to rotate forward, to achieve a crushing and crushing, in the protection of The motor can also protect the normal use of machinery and equipment. The motor of shredder is equipped with different power motors according to the output of different materials and the model of the shredder. They are all 380V industrial electricity, basically 4 poles. Motors, are equipped with different types of reducers. There are many reasons for motor heating, such as high load and high current, motor fan damage, motor bearing damage, poor motor environmental sealing and heat dissipation, and high ambient temperature.

And some users think whether increasing the electric power can increase the output of the shredder. This kind of equipment is usually equipped with a 30KW motor. Some users want to replace it with a 37KW motor, thinking that this can increase the output. This is also the case. , which can increase some production. However, our manufacturers generally do not recommend users increase the motor power, because this will increase the production cost, which is not worth the gain compared to the increased output.

Under normal circumstances, the output of the equipment can reach about 600 kilograms per hour. After changing the motor to 37KW, the output can reach about 700 kilograms. It is like a big cow, not to mention whether the increased output can offset the increased production cost. Pulling the trolley is good for the motor and is not easy to overload, but the cost is high, the no-load loss increases during operation, a lot of electricity is used in vain, and the cutter head of the equipment will wear out quickly, and it will not be worn for a long time. Use, but also affect the work efficiency. The power selection is small, the motor is easy to overload and heat, and the motor is easy to burn out due to long-term heat generation. Therefore, it is appropriate to make the motor power efficiency work at 80% when choosing a motor.

What type of shredder is equipped with and how large the motor is set? This is also the best parameter obtained through countless experiments, which can help users improve efficiency to the greatest extent. Therefore, if there is no special need, it is recommended that you do not replace the shredder without permission. machine motor. A good product needs to be equipped with a suitable motor of the corresponding type. All technical questions about the shredder are answered by XinYe Tool. Welcome to contact us.

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