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XYM Series


A single-shaft shredder is particularly suitable for shredding large quantities of post-consumer, household, and industrial waste. The rugged construction makes the machine ready for heavy and intensive use.

XYM series single shaft shredder is used in the small-to-medium material size reducing and waste recycling in various industries.

Its capacity is from 300kg to 2000kg/hr. It mainly handles plastic lumps and rejects, wood, and paper wastes to obtain uniform particle size. Features with low speed, high torque, and compact structure. In a harsh environment, shredding machines can work with good stability and reliability in a harsh circumstance. The screen and 4 types of shredder rotors can be chosen according to the input material.


  • The rotor blades are made with DC53 steel and the fixed blades use D2 steel(58 HRC), with long life.

  • Mechanical protection and safety, European CE standards compliance.

  • Outcasted bearing, easy to change blades quickly.

  • Overload protection, auto-reverse when overloads & jammed.

  • Control cabinet uses well-known brands such as Siemens and Schneider.

  • Extra pusher ram is optional for hollow and gigantic materials.

  • Several models of the screen are available and easy to replace.

  • Customizable

Xinye single-shaft shredder
Single-shaft shredder inside

Single shaft chamber

single shaft shredder sreen


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