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XYS Series shredder


XYS Series double shaft shredder/crusher can handle a wide range of solid waste. Compared to a single-shaft shredder/crusher, this series has lower speed, higher torque, and higher efficiency. It excels in size reducing industrial waste, MSW, electronic waste, waste household appliances, and other mixed wastes. Its structure is relatively compact and maintenance-friendly with a maintenance door that provides full access to the crushing chamber and bearing housing.

Because a double-shaft shredder is screenless, it is often used as primary shredding, and its shredded particle size depends on the blade thickness.


  • The knife is made with high alloy steel 42CrMo with high strength and toughness.

  • The main electrical components are Siemens and Schneider.

  • Overload protection, auto-reverse when motor overload & material jam.

  • Customizable

xinye chamber & blades
Shredder Cutting Chamber & Blades

xinye double shaft blades

xinye gear reducer
JZQ Gear Reducer



Various customizations for motor drives, motor power, blade types, and blade configuration, will help you choose the best-fit solution for your application.

  • Motor drives: hydraulic or electric

  • Motor power: from 30 to 200 kW

  • Blades Set: Blades’ thickness and materials are up to your call.

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